Our Mission

The Living With Change Foundation is dedicated to providing education, resources, and financial assistance to families, friends, teachers, and the community while fostering confidence and acceptance through change.

How You Can Help

Supporting the Living with Change Foundation helps provide essential resources for families with transgender children.Your donation will also help bring to life a Center for Excellence for Transgender Health that will provide medical care and counseling so essential to the mental, emotional, and physical health of transgender youth.

Families Living With Change

Learning your child is transgender signals a shift in perspective, but it’s up to you whether that change paralyzes … or propels you forward. Together, we can be the support your family needs as you navigate a new chapter in your lives.


We’ve identified four focus areas to guide our strategic mission to support transgender children and their parents as well as raise awareness and acceptance in the community.


Protecting and guiding children in a less-than-welcoming world is difficult, to say the least. We’ve provided a glossary of common terms as well as links to organizations committed to help transgender youth.


As a nonprofit, we need your time and financial assistance to start effecting change to better the life of transgender youth all over the world. Together, we can make a difference.