Acceptance Through Change

Founders Chris and Jessica Cicchinelli hope to lead the charge toward a change in perspective and awareness to make our communities a safer, more inclusive place for transgender children. To accomplish this, Living With Change engages with schools and businesses to help ensure transgender youth are protected and accepted while working with politicians to change existing policies, prevent discriminatory ones, and promote initiatives that help transgender youth thrive in a more inclusive and equitable future.

Our Inspiration

While the organization takes its name from the process transgender youth families go through when their child comes out as trans—learning to adapt to a new normal and accept your child for who they are—Living With Change really found its beginnings with its namesake, LC Cicchinelli.

Living With Change is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting transgender youth and their families by providing education, resources, advocacy, and support while fostering confidence and acceptance through change.

Who We Are

Chris and Jessica Cicchinelli


Chris and Jessica Cicchinelli realized how necessary it was to start Living With Change after experiencing first-hand the uncertainty and adversity many parents of transgender children face. While seeking care and treatment for oldest daughter LC, the Cincinnati couple recognized many families didn’t have that same luxury—going without puberty delaying treatments and even being placed on wait lists hundreds of patients long. Chris and Jessica hope the foundation will act as a stop gap for those families with transgender children in need of relevant medical care, transgender programs, and more.

Our Board

Sam Brinker Esq: Sam is an attorney at Dinsmore, an ordained minister, writer and resident of Dayton, OH. Sam has a new blog, ‘Becky with the Good Beard,’ in which he describes his journey as a proud transgender man.

Mr. Joe Desch: Joe founded PrintManagement in 1999 and led it to become one of the leading print marketing companies in the Tri-State area. Joe sold PrintManagement to private equity firm ICV Partners in 2016 and volunteers on a number of charitable boards. Joe serves as Treasurer for the LWC Board.

Mrs. Alexandra Quinn: Alexandra happily resides in the Indian Hill area with her husband and kids, and is extremely committed to creating inclusive and equitable spaces in our schools and places of work.

Charla Weiss Ph.D: Charla is the interim Manager at the Office of Cultural and Language Diversity at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Past Executive Director for several San Francisco/East Bay organizations.

Ms. Sara Vance Waddell: Sara is the owner and President of SMV Media, a community advocate, a philanthropist and an accomplished art collector.

Dr. Lee Ann Conard: As the founder and director of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Living With Change Center for Gender Health, Lee Ann practices adolescent medicine and provides care for transgender and gender-nonconforming youth.

Gayle Frankenbach: Gayle is a Ph. D scientist, inventor, innovator and entrepreneur. Gayle is a Procter & Gamble retiree. In her new career she co-founded and operates B.UR.SLF LLC with her son Elliott Wilkinson. She also provides product design/ expert witness services through Frankenbach Consulting.