Living With Change Joins the Effort to Assist Trans Youth in Name Change Process

In Partnership with Equality Ohio and TransOhio

Living With Change, in partnership with Equality Ohio’s and TransOhio’s Legal Clinic program offers financial support for transgender residents who are engaged in the legal name change process in Hamilton County, Ohio.

The process for updating a name and gender marker on documents and records begins with a legal name change involving paperwork, fees and legal expertise. It is common after a name change to correct other identity documents, including Social Security, driver’s license or state ID, financial insurance, school, employment, passport and birth certificate.

“Living With Change recognized that the fees involved in the legal name change process can be economically challenging for some transgender youth and their families,” said Jessica Cicchinelli, co-founder, Living With Change. “This led Living With Change to partner with the great legal clinic programs of Equality Ohio and TransOhio to support trans youth and their families.”

WHAT IS COVERED – Legal clinic clients can apply for financial support from Living With Change to pay for the Hamilton County court filing and publication fees required in the name change process.

“TransOhio is honored to work with Equality Ohio and Living With Change to help members of our community realize one of their dreams and needs,” said Diane Brennan, treasurer of TransOhio. “That dream is to simply have their name, gender marker and legal documents match their identity. TransOhio is so grateful to be able to work with wonderful community partners to reach even more people and help them live their best lives.”

“Equality Ohio’s Legal Clinic exists because many systems and laws were not built with LGBTQ people in mind,” said Maya Simek, legal director for Equality Ohio. “The clinic is an equalizer, and particularly important for LGBTQ+ youth, who have even less access to autonomy. Our partnership with Living With Change and TransOhio will help young people struggling in Southwest Ohio.”

GETTING STARTED – To access the financial assistance, individuals must be working with the Equality Ohio Legal Clinic. The clinic is free and can be reached at 855-LGBT-LAW or online at

The Program’s Partners

Living With Change (LWC) is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works in support of transgender youth and their families in their living with change journey. In partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a nonprofit academic medical center that is one of the U.S.’s oldest and most distinguished pediatric hospitals, LWC supports the Living With Change Center for Gender Health. Contact at [email protected].

Equality Ohio identifies and transforms systems and institutions so LGBTQ+ Ohioans can fully access legal and lived equality. Equality Ohio envisions an Ohio where people are welcome, affirmed and flourishing. For more information, contact Grant Stancliff at 509-230-8176 or [email protected].

TransOhio serves the Ohio transgender and ally communities by providing services, education, support and advocacy, which promotes and improves the health, safety and life experience of the Ohio transgender individual and community. Visit for more information.

QUESTIONS – Contact Living With Change,